Ramadan Calendar in English


Immerse yourself in the spirit of Ramadan with our Ramadan Calendar, designed to create a more inclusive workplace by fostering understanding among colleagues of diverse backgrounds. This unique calendar is tailored for non-Muslims, offering a daily journey into traditions, insights, and fun facts about Ramadan, allowing everyone to appreciate the significance of this month.

This calendar features:

  • New facts and insights every day. As Ramadan passes, you can unveil a new aspect of this month every day, learning about how your Muslim colleagues experience this month in a fun and light manner.
  • Conversation and activity tips. Engage in interactive activities that promote team-building and cultural exchange.
  • Multilingual resources: Ever heard of key terms such as iftar, suhoor, or Laylat al Qadr? Get ready to grasp these essential concepts.
  • Thoughtful reflections: With this calendar, we wish to encourage self-awareness and empathy, promoting a workplace environment that values cultural sensitivity and diversity.
The goal of this Ramadan Calendar is to bring non-Muslims and Muslims together around an experience that is well-known and can have an impact at work. With this calendar, we aim to increase cultural knowledge and spark conversations between people with different backgrounds. Learn something new every day and be part of fostering a more inclusive work culture. 
The Ramadan Calendar is designed and developed by Inclusified, with illustrations created by Samira El Quarroumi (Pièce Unique). The product shown in the images is a mock-up; the product might be slightly different in reality.

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