Inclusive Reminders for Marketeers


Inclusive Reminders for Marketeers is a tool for marketeers that want to move forward in a diverse society. It consists of 30 cards with essential reminders to keep you alert and make you reflect about your role as a marketeer in today’s fast-changing world. Shuffle the cards, read them alone or use them as a discussion starter with colleagues and friends.

This set of cards consists of reminders about:

  • You: what is your own role as a marketeer when it comes to diversity and inclusion?
  • Your work: what can you do to make your work more inclusive?
  • Your environment: what is the impact of your work culture and other networks?
  • Society: what is the impact you can have on society as a whole?


Inclusive Reminders for Marketeers is a product of Inclusified, a strategic partner with an eye for all things inclusive. For more information, visit

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